Why submit your car on MPP?
In a word, exposure. Modified Performance Parts is first website to feature the cars of automotive enthusiasts together in one place. Share the best photos of your car and participate in the community to help others with their builds. If you get your car featured on MPP, you will be helping someone out there choose the perfect wheels for their car.

Our followers are passionate, opinionated and educated. We satisfy those needs through our social media channels, too: Across Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, we have well over two million followers. And once it’s online, it stays online.

What kind of cars make it onto the site?
High quality customs and classics. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a garage-built machine or one from a ‘professional’ workshop. Our readers like everything.

There is only one basic rules: no ‘walkaround’ snaps from a compact camera. We prefer well-lit photoshoot shots taken with a DSLR camera and a reasonably long lens to avoid distortion, as detailed in our guide to motorcycle photography.

How to submit your car.

  • Where can we find photos of your car? 5-10 images are required
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

A couple of “watch-outs.”
Please don’t send multiple emails with high-resolution images. We receive a huge volume of email and to protect the system, large file sizes often get bounced. If your car is accepted, we’d love it if you can keep the batch of images under 100MB or so, but include images that are at least 1200 pixels wide.

If you’ve got a beautiful machine sitting in your garage or workshop, and images of equally high quality, get in touch right now. It’s our mission to spread the word about the world’s best custom cars—and their builders.

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