MPPSOCIETY Prior Design Nissan GTR -15

Whenever a tuner decides to give a magic touch to a performance model, the absence of a full body kit is out of the question. Which means the mighty Godzilla could not be excluded from such a procedure.

Just to make things clear, this is not the first nor the last tuning work designed for the Nissan GT-R. However, there’s this cult of originality when it comes to giving Godzilla a new look, and this is a good thing since every tuned-up GT-R has a unique aura.

Coming back to the subject of this article, we heard Prior Design has a new bag of goodies developed exclusively for the Japanese hot shot.

Known as the “PD750WB” wide body conversion, Prior Design’s tuning pack comes with an extensive list of aftermarket amenities. Among these, we must highlight the new front bumper looking ready to eat up tons of asphalt and the bulky 21-inch alloy wheels.

At the back, a diffuser made of three parts and various fins would make even the Great White shark jealous but hey, that’s the whole point of tuning works, right?

Performance-wise, the tuning firm programmed the 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbo engine to churn out 780 HP and 605 lb-ft (820 Nm). We don’t know how much the pack will cost but expect a five-figure sticker to emerge.

However, the final result looks both aggressive and fast, a statement confirmed by all that firepower bursting from under the hood. What can we say, this car will be missed once it hangs up its boots.