The first PURventador has finally made its debut and just in time as Spring is about to roll around the corner. Equipped with a factory matte black exterior, a bit of a glossy contrast was added by using our PUR Aero carbon fiber kit. The front lip, side skirts, and rear diffuser pair eloquently with the lines of the Aventador. The wheels showcased are our LX04.V3 in a staggered 20/21″ application. Keeping with the idea of adding a bit of contrast, the wheels were finished with a gloss brilliant silver face and polished step lip. To really give this Aventador the right stance, a set of race adjustment arms were installed to bring the car that much closer to the pavement.

With it still being very early in the year, we’re sure to have more and more projects a long the way.

PUR LX04.V3 | 20×9 | 21×12.5 | Gloss Brilliant Silver Face | Polished Step Lip

PUR Aero Carbon Fiber Front Lip
PUR Aero Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
PUR Aero Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

PUR Race Adjustment Arms