Liberty Walk CEO Kato-san gives us a rundown of his GT-R with parts from HKS, Forgiato, Liberty Walk, Armytrix and Toyo Tires.

Becoming an upscale auto shop that deals exclusively with high-end VIPs isn’t the goal that Kato holds for his company. High-end customers buy super cars for status, but giving such luxury an edge and refined look is where Kato finds his purpose of Liberty Walk. He defines his passion as “to bring out uniqueness of each automotive for owners to feel engaged with the vehicle at a personal level.” Just as his old works which are now, his personal treasure, reminds him of early days where he first fell in love with the world of customized super cars, Kato proudly presents Liberty Walk as art of Japanese car customization and its keen techniques that one would not find elsewhere. Today, the company continues to stay true to its root by designing body kits that are truly one of a kind.

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