The new Range Rover HSE is a beast right out of the dealership when you pick it up. The monstrous luxury SUV is at the top of its class. In our local dealership, there is a 6 month wait just to pick up your new Range Rover after you purchase it. With this said, ADV.1 brings fashion to this monster vehicle. I sometimes think that this is the new soccer mom SUV, and it would be pretty sick to get picked up in this Range Rover on 24″ ADV.1’s. Pretty sure that would make my friends jealous.

“The only things that goes down at shipping yards like this one is murders, drug deals, and epic photo shoots of ADV.1 wheels. We just hooked up the wife rover HSE with our newest style wheel the ADV6 Truck Spec SL. A wheel specifically designed for heavy off road use and taking the kids to school.” – ADV.1

Wheel Specs:
ADV6 Truck Spec SL
Hidden Hardware
Finish: Fine Texture Black

Brought to you by: ADV.1