Vossen World Tour | Japan | 2014 Feat: R8, S7, IS F sport, CLA, A-class, Skyline, S5, 350Z

For this segment of the Vossen World Tour Japan 2014, we started off in the amazing city of little Old Tokyo which has buildings hundreds of years old and a charm that is indescribable. Ironically, we brought some of the hottest new cars to this city to do some filming with nothing more jaw dropping than the Hamana R8. Speaking of Hamana, we hung out with them all day and they were some of the funniest guys we have ever met, it was great working with them. We also feature a Lexus IS and Nissan Z from our friends at Skipper in Yokohama and a V35 Nissan Skyline (our G37/Q60) in an amazing yellow hue.

Brought to you by: Vossen Wheels