Bond’s 24th big-screen outing sees Daniel Craig resume the role of the world’s most infamous smoldering and suited secret agent, 007.

Unravelling a cryptic message sends Bond on a rogue mission to Mexico City and eventually Rome. Here, he meets Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci), the forbidden widow of an infamous criminal, and infiltrates a secret meeting uncovering the existence of shadowy baddie supergroup, Spectre.

With the help of his new company car, the gorgeous Aston Martin DB10 – which rather excellently looks and sounds to be a manual – Bond goes on a typically explosive globetrotting adventure that sees A LOT of Jaguar Land Rover products spectacularly written off, many bullets fly and quite a lot of explosions. And a helicopter barrel roll. Then some more explosions.

Starring the excellent Christoph Waltz as chief villain, Ralph Fiennes as M, Monica Belluci as the oldest Bond girl of all time and MMA star Dave Bautista pedalling a lurid orange Jaguar C-X75 as the superbly named ‘Mr Hinx’, Spectre’s cast is nothing but star-studded.

But unfortunately you’ll have to wait until October 26th to see the film in full, but at least it’ll give you enough time to practice your best Bond pose in the mirror.

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