The 2-series Coupé by AC Schnitzer: Extensive Tuning Program ensures High Performance in the new 2-series

In March this year, the Bavarian company elevated its 1-series coupé to the new 2-series. For the tuning experts at AC Schnitzer, the work was just beginning: they have now developed an extensive tuning range for the BMW 2-series coupé which should satisfy even the most sophisticated drivers “beyond the standard”.

The Aachen-based tuners know that for many BMW customers, there’s no such thing as too sporty. So no less than five performance upgrades are offered for the 2-series coupé.

The export version of the BMW 220i takes off with an engine power of 245 hp instead of 184 hp.

The power development of the BMW M 235i is even higher; the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade adds a further 54 hp to the standard 240 kW/326 hp, giving a total of 279 kW/380 hp. And if that weren’t enough, an AC Schnitzer high performance intercooler is also available for the M235i. Because of its size (520x210x130 mm) and stepped construction, it offers an 80% larger air contact surface and 62% more charge air volume than the standard intercooler, and hence ensures optimum cooling. The perceptible results are a sustained and homogenous power development from the engine.

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