Via Vorsteiner Release:

The Special Edition GTRS4 World Premiere

Brought to you by: Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner is celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year and to commemorate this occasion we have developed a very special limited edition vehicle, code named GTRS4 debuting at the 2014 SEMA Show. The GTRS4 is a full lightweight carbon composite wide body conversion that is based on the 2015 BMW M4 coupe. The design and development of the GTRS4 started early this year as there were countless hours of testing and modeling that took place.

Design of an Icon:
The idea was first conceived on a blank sheet of paper where our designers took into the consideration the previous historical wide body editions such as GTRS3 based on the E92 M3, to show a lineage in both Vorsteiner design language, functionality and performance.

Our designers focused making the design organic to the original body lines of the car while retaining full functionality & everyday drivability of the vehicle. It was not enough just to make the widest possible fender as it was also dictated by the ability of the wheel to turn while under load at high or low speeds.

We also wanted to ensure the design paid tribute to M3 racing heritage and lineage while still maintaining the minimalistic Vorsteiner concept,

The Beginning of a Legend:
Once the design was sketched and finalized on paper we 3D scanned the entire factory body using Blue Light Laser Technology. With our 3D renderings, we digitally surfaced the new body panels and created CNC rapid prototypes to fit on the vehicle.

The most crucial step was the rear quarter panels as it was very important to create a perfect contour. In order to effectively create, readjust and improve this shape, our in-house master craftsmen utilized traditional clay modeling to achieve seamless and fluid proportions.

Form Follows Function:
From the original launch of the development process, our design and engineering team worked in tandem to ensure the wider fenders and wheels were functional. We strategically crafted air ducts for optimal cooling towards the front brakes, while paying attention to aerodynamic ventilation for the inbound air to exit.

The front fenders have a total span of 4 inches while the rear quarter panels sit 7 inches wider than it’s original form. We’ve specially designed 3-Piece Forged wheels in 20×10.5J and 20×13.5J respectively to fit the 275 and 345 width tires.

The vehicle is also fitted with Pirelli’s signature P Nero tires for optimal traction and performance. To add to the stance, our GTRS4 features KW Suspension’s sleeve kit allowing for height adjustment as well as keeping the original BMW Dynamic Drive features. Adding to the performance, simplicity, and versatility, the GTRS4 is upgraded using ESS Tuning’s E-Tronic for an impressive 550hp to the crank.





The Special Edition GTRS4 Package Includes:
· Carbon Fiber Front Bumper with an Integrated Front Splitter Element
· Carbon Fiber Wide Front Fenders with Ventilation (2 inches wider each side)
· Carbon Fiber Aero Side Blade Elements
· Carbon Fiber Wide Rear Fenders (3.5 inches wider each side)
· Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper with an Integrated Rear Diffuser Element
· Vorsteiner 90mm Quad Exhaust Tip Finishers (Options: Brushed | Diamond Black)
· Vorsteiner Embroidered Colored Floor & Trunk Mat Set
· Vorsteiner Chrome Trunk Badging
· GTRS4 Forged 3-Piece Wheels, 20×10.5J | 20×13.5J in Gloss Brushed Shadow

Technology Partners:
· Pirelli Tires
· KW Suspension
· Meguiar’s
· Brembo | Race Technologies
· ESS Tuning
· KI Studios
· Gold & Co. London