First off, we have a fake version of the Stig. With all the nostalgia going on these days, we’ll take whatever we can get. He rides a pair of electric rollerblades and shows off his skills with the drifting trike. It’s motorized and the rubber makes purple smoke, so we’re more than happy with that.

The cars are great too, Japanse coupes from a time when Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota stood for handling and performance.

MAX Drift Club seems like a fine establishment. We checked their Facebook page and found a nice selection of girls in suggestive clothing, Lamborghinis, Corvettes and a few kei cars with pink vinyl. They seem like a fun crowd.

A couple of dirt bike riders couldn’t resist joining in the festivities. They make a couple of jumps over the Japanese car, probably inspired by all the Mad Max trailers being shown on television.