GT3 cars aren’t typically street legal. They’re pure track machines. But not this one. No, this Ferrari started out life as a standard 458 Italia, but thanks to the crew at Vogue Auto Design (VAD), it’s been turned into something with a bit more, shall we say, GT3-like inspiration. The VAD Ferrari 458 GT3 originally started life as a concept and was put together in Sweden with various new add-ons to give it a more of a track look. These include a new front bumper, splitter, air grilles, exhaust tips, widened fenders, rear bumper and diffuser.

There’s even a track-inspired ducktail spoiler. Of course all of that is made from lightweight carbon fiber. The suspension and wheels have also been upgraded. There’s a new two-way adjustable coilover suspension system and 19-inch VM1 forged wheels with super lightweight titanium hardware wrapped in Pirelli rubber. No mention was made of engine modifications, but we’re told the car can lap the Nurburgring in just 7 minutes and 50 seconds.





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