Rowen Japan Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 Tuned by Rowen Japan: Oriental Pearl

“Custom Innovation” is their motto and you can see it holds true. Many hours were spent painstakingly creating this body kit in clay over the Pininfarina bodywork of the Ferrari. After that, carbon fiber was used to create a one-of-a-kind look for the 458.

From what we have seen in their photos, we can conclude that a front lip, side skirts, bumper vents and a rear wing are included in a package. All are made from carbon and have that bosozoku ground effects look that makes you think the Ferrari belongs to Tokyo Drift villain.

However, Rowen’s core business used to be custom exhausts and the one they put together for the 4.5-liter V8 is a masterpiece. Hand-fabricated from steel and titanium, the set of aftermarket pipes has a trademark blue glow from the effects of the flames on the material.

Brought to you by: Rowen Japan