Rolls Royce Ghost Series 01

This black Ghost Series II puts a stop to Rolls Royce’s sensible bespoke models.

It’s about time a tuner came up with this thing, because God knows we had our fair share of factory-modified, limited-edition, bespoke Rollers. Still, in all honesty, nothing can really compare to the British car manufacturer’s attention to detail and sophistication, but this sinister looking Ghost is a welcomed change.

Okay, maybe its 699 HP, 6.6-litre, twin-turbocharged BMW V12 that lurks under its bonnet makes it more enticing than it really is; which, by the way, outputs a tremendous 974 Nm (718 ft-lb) torque figure.

Unfortunately, this upgrade is based on the 592 hp V-Spec variant, but “regular” Ghost owners can opt for the standard package that pumps the engine power from 563 Hp and 780 Nm (575 ft-lb) all the way to 685 Hp and 958 Nm (706 ft-lb) – which, believe it or not, doesn’t make much of a difference.

In fact, both power upgrades catapult the car from 0 to 100 Km/h (62 Mph) in roughly 4.5 seconds, the V-Spec version being 0.1 seconds faster. But the most amazing thing about these improvements is the fact that they’re done via a plug and play mechanism called SPOFEC N-Tronic.

The N-Tronic gizmo is a processor controlled device that connects to the original engine management system with a plug and play powering harness and opens the gates of Hell, setting free the monstrous V12 – especially as the package comes with SPOFEC’s power-optimized exhaust system with flap-regulation.

Design wise, the Novitec enhanced Roller sports an all-black paint scheme, complemented by golden rims. In fact, the rims are made specifically for Rolls-Royce models in order to ensure a perfect match. Furthermore, the German tuner actually offers multiple styles, and if you – like me – don’t fancy a Rolls-Royce which reminds everybody of a Subaru WRX STi, then the things can be commissioned in another color.

The Ghost still features the trademark Rolls-Royce air suspension that makes you feel like you’re floating on clouds, even though SPOFEC installed a CAN-Tronic suspension control module which lowers the ride height by 40 millimeters at speeds below 140 Km/h. Because racecar!

SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-15 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-14 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-13 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-12 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-11 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-10 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-9 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-8 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-7 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-6 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-5 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-4 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-3 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-2 SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-1