Duy_ifsu's Nissan S15

    Duy_ifsu’s Nissan S15

    MPPSOCIETY Modified Cars Duy_ifsu’s Nissan S15 Work Wheels 02

    Engine mods
    Bc cams gears values and retainers
    Toda pond cams
    6boost manifold
    Gtx 3076r
    Hks full exhaust system
    Haltech platnuim pro plug in
    Haltech wideband sensor
    Rb25 gear box
    Npc clutch twin plate
    1 piece custom tail shaft
    4.3 diff ratio
    1.5 way lsd
    All mods has been done by Matt from Powertune Australia
    Work Meister 19×10 front and 19×11 at the rear
    Gtr brembos all around
    C west gt widebody with carbon add ons all around by Bodyform motor sports
    Custom 3 tone colour
    Bride euro 2 seats
    Defi link gauges water temp oil temp oil pressure boost gauge

    Car has a stock bottom end making 350kws at the rear wheels with 700nm of torque