The new Mercedes-AMG GT is already one of the best-looking cars on sale right now, but as it the case with any car, there will always be a few owners seeking a bit more visual aggression. That’s where Prior Design and its recently revealed wide-body kit for the AMG GT comes in.

This blue GT is the first to get the Prior treatment, and the results are fantastic. Like most successful body kits, Prior Design’s doesn’t mess with the AMG GT’s looks all that much and instead adds a bit more visual drama.

Up front, the front original front fascia is left intact and gets a new ground-scraping front splitter and a few dive planes. We could honestly do without the vented hood, but we’ve seen worse. The sides get carbon fiber side skirts and massively flared fenders that house a sizable set of black wheels. Around the back you’ll find a duck-tail spoiler (which seem to be in vogue right now) and a massive rear diffuser.

The engine has apparently been left as is on this example, but with 456-hp (or 503-hp if you opt for the S variant), the GT isn’t exactly lacking for pace.




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