I want to start this post off by saying THANK YOU PRIOR DESIGN for such a beautiful body kit (without rivets). Although I love the design of other body kits like the ones from Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny; it’s nice to see a body kit that keeps the original lines of the car.

Brought to you by: Prior Design

This kit will take any E92/93 3-series and turn it into a Wide Body Monster! Great for 335i’s (grabs the extra attention you deserve!)

This kit is wider than a stock M3 and looks just that much more aggressive!

Prior Design Widebody E92 M3 Kit:
Front Bumper
Rear Bumper
Side Skirts
Front Fenders
Rear Widenings

Also available:
M3 style hood (2 variations)
Trunk spoiler
Roof Spoiler
M3 mirror covers