Seriously… who doesn’t like the Audi R8? If Ironman drives an R8, it IS the car to have!

I remember all the talk about how the R8 wasn’t a real supercar and how the car wasn’t priced properly or even the fact that it wasn’t great for its class (sorry for the run-on sentence… talking about this is frustrating). The fact is that the R8 is a beautiful car even if it’s not reviewed to have the best numbers blah blah blah.

Enough ranting. The Audi R8 is a completely different animal when Prior Design touched it. Everything Prior Design touches gets a wide body kit. The R8 GT850 is a completely different car with all the aero upgraded. The car looks like a Le Mans 24HR car and I’m digging it!

Brought to you by: Prior Design

Prior Design’s Audi R8 GT850 Wide Body kit. This is one of Prior Design’s most well known kits, and for a great reason. This thing is amazingly stylish and WIDE! If the R8 wasn’t wide and aggressive enough already, Prior Design decided to kick it up a notch and we are thrilled that they did. This thing is hard not to stare at, it’s a head turner for sure!

The R8 Wide Body kit consists of :

– PD GT850 front bumper
– PD GT850 front lip spoiler (for PD GT850 front bumper)
– PD GT850 side skirts
– PD GT850 rear bumper
– PD GT850 rear diffusor
– PD GT850 front fenders
– PD GT850 rear widenings
– PD GT850 front bonnet
– PD GT850 rear trunk spoiler