New forged centerlock wheel: TECHART Formula IV Race for 911 Turbo, 911 Turbo S and 911

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Sometimes, admittedly, less is more. However sometimes, less is simply less. For instance, less weight: the TECHART Formula IV Race forged wheel with central locking device weighs 1,000 grams less than the OE Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel. And sometimes, more is simply more. For example, more power: the new TECHART powerkit for the 911 Turbo provides an additional 60 horsepowers and a plus of 130 Newtonmeters of torque.

As you can see, some things are surprisingly easy. Such as individualizing your Porsche with TECHART.

New forged centerlock wheel: TECHART Formula IV Race for 911 Turbo, 911 Turbo S and 911 GT3.

TECHART Fromula IV Race

The new forged 20-inch wheel with central locking device is the sport-option for the 911 Turbo models as well as the 911 GT3. Breathtaking design, outstanding technology, less weight. In figures: 1,000 grams less than the OE Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel.

Sport. Plus. Powerkits for 911 Turbo an 911 Turbo S.

Porsche Vents

TECHART provides impressive power gains for your Porsche 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S and a considerable increase of driving performance in comparison with the series models. Both powerkits are activated by pushing the standard Sport button at the center console.

The Turbo’s performance increases by 44 kW (60 hp) to a total of 580 horsepowers. Torque raises to max. 790 Newtonmeters/583 lb.-ft. (Overboost: 840 Newtonmeters/620 lb.-ft.).

The TECHART powerkit for the Turbo S models enhances the power output from 412 kW (560 hp) to 456 kW (620 hp) and boosts the max. torque to a total of 830 Newtonmeters/612 lb.-ft. (Overboost: 880 Nm/649 lb.-ft.).

Did you know: the high quality standards of the TECHART powerkits are backed by a two-year limited warranty. But more than that, TECHART grants an additional warranty on damages at engine or gearbox according to the TECHART TECHTRONIC Warranty Terms.

Sportiness, through and through: TECHART Carbon Fiber body parts.


With TECHART body parts made of genuine carbon fiber, you can add motorsport styling highlights to your Porsche model. For the 911 Turbo or Turbo S, the carbon fiber finish is available for the following parts:

  • TECHART Air Outlet Grille
  • TECHART Aerowings
  • Porsche SportDesign side mirrors
  • TECHART trims for side air intakes
  • TECHART Roof Spoiler
  • TECHART Rear Diffusor

Breathtaking. Reasonable. TECHART for the Panamera models.


Distinctive, elegant and excitingly sporty. In its exterior styling, its interior design and its driving performance.

The program is available in two variants: for Panamera models of the first generation until the 2013 model year as well as for the new Panamera models of the second generation which started with the 2014 model year, including the extended wheel base Panamera Executive models.

Just as any TECHART program, the individualization options for the Panamera give you full freedom of choice. After all, our aim is to bestow nothing less than your personality on your Porsche Panamera.

Action – at the push of a button: TECHART sport exhaust systems.


Enjoy a powerful soundscape in your Porsche whenever you’re in the mood. TECHART’s valve-controlled sport exhaust systems provide audible driving pleasure.

Dependig on your model, the systems include one or two TECHART silencers with exhaust valves and the TECHART valve-control unit for dynamic sound enhancement. The sound adjustment is done automatically or anytime by pushing the button.