It’s easy to claim that McLaren keeps selling the same car over an over again, but the 675LT is not just a slightly tuned 650S despite not having a real long tail. It’s more of a detuned P1, if anything.

That’s mostly because instead of just recalibrating the software, they changed the guts of that 3.8 twin-turbo to get to those 666 horses, and the rest of the modifications is equally mechanical with lightened aluminum and titanium parts all around and thin plastics to keep the weight figure 220 pounds lower than the standard 650S’.

The track is wider too with the wheels being even lighter than the P1’s, wrapped in more aggressive Pirellis. All that, plus the brake steer and the active aero makes this street-legal supercar faster than many race cars out there.

mclaren-675lt-01 mclaren-675lt-02 mclaren-675lt-03 mclaren-675lt-04 mclaren-675lt-05 mclaren-675lt-06

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