Thank you Pepper Yandell for these great pictures of the Liberty Walk Aventador! These photos are absolutely amazing and captures the lines of the supercar perfectly.

Words from Pepper Yandell:
This past SEMA in Las Vegas was at first a trip strictly to have fun. A great place to hang with my friends and clients in the industry. Then while walking around with a few fellow photographers, I saw the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador in the Forgiato booth and fell in love. My good friend, and also incredible automotive photographer, William Stern and I instantly went up to Forgiato to set up a photoshoot.

After SEMA was over and the load out process began I met up with the Liberty Walk crew and worked out the details of the shoot. I have to give them a huge thanks for being so hospitable and helpful in getting this shoot done. Even after having their Ferrari 458 smashed by that Jeep, they still spent time and effort in delivering the Aventador to me. In fact they just… left the car with the keys in it for me. Very trusting!

In any case I put quite a bit of effort into this shoot, I hope you all like the end results! I also included a short Behind the Scenes video showing the process of one of the edits.

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