The king of luxury motor vehicles is back. This time it is even larger and packed with the most updated gadgets! The engine is now upgraded to a 6.0L biturbo producing 523 horsepower and 512 pound feet of torque! You can technically sprint away in a cloud and leave many sports cars in the dust. Check out the photos.

Brought to you by: Maybach | Top Gear

Carrying the flagship crest is the Mercedes-Maybach S600, an ultra-exclusive range-topper that sits above the standard S600 in the German brand’s lineup. Compared to the normal car, its wheelbase has grown by 8.1 inches, giving the car a hub-to-hub measurement of 132.5 inches and a total length of 214.6 inches.

The interior on the Maybach is, as you would expect, dressed to the nines. Set up like a first-class airline cabin, the roomy, Nappa leather-clad rear features two foldout tables, drink warmers and coolers, hand-stitched door trim, a personal TV screen, and two silver-plated champagne flutes. There’s no helpful attendant to keep you company, but the car’s pillow-y ride may make you feel like you’re riding on air.

Going even further, the optional ‘Air-Balance’ package includes ambient ionization, filtration, and the premium ‘Agarwood’ fragrance, which presumably smells like Ron Burgandy’s apartment. You see, at this level, every road trip is like a coddled stay in a penthouse suite.

Like the S600, the rear-wheel drive sedan equips a 6.0-liter biturbo V12 that makes an eye-opening 523 horsepower and 612 pound feet of torque. Because of the added weight, though, the Maybach’s sprint to 60 mph (5.0 seconds) comes half a tick slower than the regular S-Class. But when you’re sitting in comfort in the padded backseat, sipping on bubbly and sniffing heartwood, we doubt you’ll notice.