Owner: Mike Mikos | Photographer: Mike Mikos

Mike is a passionate car guy who is all about function and taking his car to the limits. Mike’s 2012 STI is built and maintained by his own two hands, lots of sore body parts, and a lot of planning this track beast. A static is defintely the way to go with the STI since Mike plans to track the car in the coming year. Each part was installed with precision by Mike himself so he knows exactly what to do next with the car. Let his passion and love for cars inspire others to do the same by reading our interview with him below!

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1. General Information
Hi, my names Mike. Im from Edmonton, previously lived in Poland. My first car I ever bought was a 2004 Mazda RX-8. Awesome winter and rain drift missile haha, year passed by and I knew I need something quicker which I can take to the local race track and have tons of fun so I bought the Subaru Sti.

2. When did you first get into the car scene?
Hmm, probably when my dad took me to see my first rally race. I was about 7 years old haha. I was scared of those roaring beasts but then fell in love with them and decided im gonna build something like that in the future.

3. Why did you choose this particular year/model car? What inspired your build?
I always loved Subarus, since the first time I seen them pop flames at the races, and the beautiful boxer sound just got stuck in my head so I knew im gonna have to buy one and I did haha. But to be honest back in 2008 when they came out with a hatchback, I wasnt a big fan… my choice back then was an Evo. Thankfully they brought back the sedan in 2011 and I fell in love with the body style. It just looks so mean and raw.

4. How many years have you been building the car?
2 years. I got it in the middle of 2013 and started building it right away. First mod was of course a CAI, AP, and a full turboback race exhaust. Neighbours loved my cold winter starts haha.

This upcoming spring its going to be her first time at the track. Shes finally ready after those 2 years. Im beyond excited.

5. What was the hardest obstacle you came across while building the car?
To be honest there was no obstacles. Ive build the car myself. Never took it to a shop. Just gotta have a basic mechanical knowledge and passion and you can do wonders.

6. We see more and more automotive enthusiasts choose either air ride or static… what made you decide to stick with air/coilovers?
I choose the coilover path simply because I want to track the car. That was the whole reason why I bought it. I never meant for it to be a show queen. Of course if I had a lexury car like Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, Infiniti, etc Id bag it for sure. No questions asked.

7. What are your future plans for this car? Or new car?
Im gonna keep this car because I love Subarus. In the future I want to get a nice coupe RWD monster like a M4 or C63S AMG, maybe a Lexus RC F but as far as my plans go, Im keeping the Subaru forever and have tons planned for it. Widebody being the most desired upgrade of course haha.

8. Awards/trophies?
Mostly IG shout outs, few little car show podiums. Not much.

9. Instagram shout outs
Big shout out to my crew IG @Limitless_C_C fresh new crew with the best cars in Alberta!


Parts List

Invidia N1 Street Exhaust
Invidia Catless DP
Koyo Racing 3 row radiator w/ Samco hoses
GFB Response Hybrid 50/50 BoV, Perrin Intake ( Dry Filter )
Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose
Perrin Pitch Stop Mount
Perrin Oil Cooler
Perrin FMIC
Perrin FMIC AoS
GS EWG uppipe
38mm Tial Wastegate to a screamer pipe
Tomei EL headers
1 Step Colder Plugs
Cobb AP
DW65C Fuel Pump

Cobb Short Throw Shifter W/all Cobb Bushings
GroupN Transmission Mount

Custom Diffuser – Making a new one this winter ( I designed it, need to fabricate )
Black STI JDM Badges
APR GTC-300 Wing w/Gurney Flap, (APR GT mirrors, APR Rear CF Exhaust heat shields, APR CF Brake cooling ducts are on my parts list for next season )
Full HT Autos lip kit
Vortex Generator
Custom front splitter – Making a new one this winter ( I designed it, need to fabricate )
Custom headlights – Gonna open em up again and add red halos for more devilious look hehe.
Car is gonna look different next year from how its looking right now. But it mostly stays a secret haha.

Not much. Just Cobb Shift Knob, and gutted rear portion ( no back seats, spare tire etc )
Future for the plans include Sparco Evo II seats and harnesses.

Candy Red Rota SVN-R 18×10 wrapped in 255 Bridgestone Potenzas Re760S ( Getting Toyo R888 next year )
Eibach 25mm Front/22mm Rear Sway Bars
Kartboy Front and Rear Endlinks
Tein Street Flex Coilovers (9k Springs F/R)
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushing

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