Owner: Kenny Kim | Photographer: Michaelangelo Ramos

This is a really special feature for both Kenny and our team at MPPSOCIETY. Kenny is currently parting out his beloved G37 and we wanted to give the car a final farewell feature before she leaves us. Kenny selling his beloved G37 because he is opening his own restaurant soon! Kenny still has some parts for sale, visit his Instagram and check out what he has left!

We fell in love with Kenny’s G37 back when he had his Forgestar wheels, but it wasn’t till he switched over to the Avant Garde wheels that completed the uniqueness of the car. We look forward to seeing what car Kenny will purchase in the future. For now, we wish him the best on his upcoming restaurant business! Hopefully one day we can check it out as well!


Q & A

1. General Information
Kenny Kim from Fontana, CA. Instagram: KDY909
Been working as a sushi chef for about 7 years now, and the reason I’m letting go of my G37 is because I will be opening my own spot soon.

2. When did you first get into the car scene?
I first got into the G37 car scene about 2 years ago. I bought the car back in 2011, but I pledged to myself to keep it stock and not to do anything to it, but that didn’t last too long.

3. Why did you choose this particular year/model car? What inspired your build?
I did not have a specific preference on the year for the car, but I knew I wanted a G37 coupe. Just seeing G35’s and G37’s any VQ platform for that matter, I’ve always had a soft spot for them.

4. How many years have you been building the car?
Bought the car back in 2011, and right off the bat I rocked a few different lips to exhausts, and wheels. However, the real build started in 2013 where I started going all out with the car and going air, to 3 piece wheels and such.

5. What was the hardest obstacle you came across while building the car?
Didn’t really have any obstacles, it was a great smooth ride. Great experiences and meeting new friends who shared the same passion. Only obstacle I can probably say is being a chef and working in the restaurant business, I didn’t have as much time to enjoy the car and show at meets and shows.

6. We see more and more automotive enthusiasts choose either air ride or static… what made you decide to stick with air/coilovers?
I had coils for 2 years before going air. Whenever you see a static slammed car it looks soo good, and mad props to those who still ride static, but I was done with damaging the car and not being able to go everywhere, that is why I went air.

7. What are your future plans for this car? Or new car?
New car, havent decided upon it yet, but definitely something on par with this G37 build.

8. Awards/trophies?
None, being a chef and working 6 days a week and always working weekends, never got to show the baby in shows or meets.

9. Instagram Shout Outs
I want to give a shout out to my friend and big bro David from Strictly GZ. Super nice guy and helped me out a lot throughout the build. Also a big shout out to Outcast Garage out here in socal, they hooked me up on a bunch of parts and super nice guys. Shout out to Fender Defender and James who worked on my suspension and my bags. Shout out to Royal Stance and its founder Brian for showing me love, and the photographer for this photo set Michaelangelo Ramos who takes some sick quality photos.


Parts List

Greddy Ti-C catback exhaust


IPL Front Bumper
IPL Side Skirts
Outcast Garage IPL Carbon Splitter
Outcast Garage AMS Carbon Trunk
VIS Racing Top Secret Carbon Diffuser


Akebono factory brakes
Airlift Auto Pilot V2
Avant Garde F120 Wheels in brushed copper faces and rose gold lips. 20×10 +9 | 20×11 +19


High-Res Gallery