The iC-R is a new intelligent helmet that is seeking crowdfunding, but this time we’re dealing with two HUD displays, dual rear-view cameras, acoustic and visual traffic alerts and electro-tint visor.

It’s funny how far the motorcycle helmet technology has come in only
few years. Things that were Star Trek territory a decade ago now are to become common household items. And we got that used to them that, despite being loaded with a huge lot of features, we can describe them in just one phrase.

Two transpared HUD LCD displays

The iC-R is equipped with two transparent LDC HUD displays that can offer different info. Basically the design is aimed at providing the rider with a wide, 210-degree field of view in the rear.

Even more, the iC-R helmet comes with dual rear-view cameras that feed a live stream to these displays, but they are linked to a vehicle detection system that is monitoring the (former) blind spots.

When the iC-R detect a car at around 420 feet (130m) behind the bike, it will alert the rider. Alerts come in the form of tiny amber LEDs that light up inside the helmet, audio signals through the helmet’s speakers and/or vibration inside the helmet.

The LEDs turn red when the car gets at 240 feet (73m). The creators of the iC-R helmet say that these lights will be visible but will not hinder, distract or blind the rider. Not sure how these cameras work when riding with a pillion, though…

Solar charging and an e-tint visor

iC-R can be recharged at home or on the go, thanks to a solar panel installed on top of the lid. The charging status will also be available through the HUD displays. A large button in the forehead area will allow the rider to activate the e-tint visor when the excessive sunlight becomes a nuisance, as well.

As for the rest, the iC-R helmet offers the same integration with smartphones like the rest of the lids out there. Music, phone calls, navigation, weather and more will be accessible through its LCD HUD displays and speakers. Open SDK software makes sure the riders can develop their own applications for the helmet, too.

The campaign seeks $300,000 (€268,000) in funding, and the iC-R is expected to retail for $1,400 (€1,250) when and if it makes it to the shipping phase. Feel like adding intelligent protection to your cranium? Head over to the iC-R indiegogo page and support the project.