So like the rest of you I love the Gymkhana Infomercials by Ken Block! So I decided to take my personal daily driven Lamborghini Gallardo and a brand new set of tires and give it a go myself! I’m no Ken Block.. I know this, but everyone starts somewhere and this is where I start. I hope you like this (practice) video because i have 12 brand new Yokohama sponsored tires to do a full 7 min feature video on an epic location with all the real crazy 180 -360 spins and tires smoking stunts you have seen the Subaru or Ford perform but this will be done in a Lamborghini! Or atleast I will hammer the gas and give it my best shot… either way you are gonna see me destroy 12 tires in some manner in 7 mins!

I would like to take this time to thank a few people who came out to help support this video.

Jesse Harris – Graphic Designer
Duncan Booth – Music
Trevor Williams – Camera/Grip
Nick Vasilius course set up / general grounds help

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