If you have ever gone over 250km/h things start to get really hectic. Your pulse races, breathing slows and your gut begins to realize that any slight twitch is probably going to be your last. At least that is what us mere mortals feel but the team at GReddy / Trust in Japan did a little shakedown of their modified Nissan GT-R (the 35RX) at the hands of a pro driver Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada who found it to be just another day at the office.

What we have here is an already potent Nissan supercar that is bored, stroked and tweaked to insane levels of nearly 1250hp! The 3.8L displacement on the VR38DETT has been stroked to 4.3L and the modest stock turbos have been supplanted with twin TD06-20G turbos. The motor now breathes through a GReddy intake manifold and exhales through a GReddy stainless exhaust. The front mount intercooler, oil cooler and oil pan have all been modified to complete the task of keeping temps down as well. The car was on display at the GReddy booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon to showcase their R35 goodies.

In order to keep the car grounded at speeds for which it was not intended, a BenSopra widebody and aero kit was installed. The end result is 333 km/h (208 mph) documented at Fuji Speedway and some bragging rights for the aftermarket magicians at GReddy who caught it all on video.

Brought to you by: Greddy | Ben Sopra