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Z Dream Episode 1: Origin Story

Z Dream Episode 2: Rebirth

Z Dream Episode 3: Crunch Time

The project car was originally supposed to be a vintage Porsche 911, but Kang, along with GReddy, thought up of another car that would be more obtainable and have a nostalgic feel to it. It was then decided that the 240Z would be the best car for such a project.

With an original 1972, rust-free Nissan 240Z, bought second hand, the team then went on to ‘restomod’ the 240Z, even going as far as to strip it to bare metal and sandblast the entire car. As for the name itself, Kang said that he liked ‘Fugu’ (poisonous blowfish); as a warning that if one does not prepare a racecar carefully, it can kill you.

On a lighter note, Kang also said that the car itself means to inspire a group of friends to make and build something together.

Exact specifications of the car weren’t fully revealed but here are some key features of the car:

-6-point GReddy roll cage

-McKinney upgraded aftermarket frame rails

-Bespoke Rocket Bunny body kit

-Original 904 White Paint Code from Datsun

-Techno Toy Tuning adjustable coilovers

-Volks Racing TE37 SL wheels wrapped in Nitto Tires

-Naturally aspirated 2.6-liter RB26DE customized by GReddy

The Fugu Z will not just be a show car, as Kang declared that this car was built to be driven both on and off the track.

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