The Ferrari FF is always a head turner when I see it on the road. This is because I actually think it looks like a Honda Civic… Well, I mean when you see it in the corner of your eye and you expect to see a Honda Civic when you turn your head. Once I actually see the car, my jaw drops. I ask myself one simple question… “Why the f*ck did Ferrari make this?” Then I start answering this question and it all makes sense. The FF is a Ferrari that I can see myself taking my family grocery shopping, dinners, parks, beaches, UNDERGROUND parking lots and more… without the headache of a normal Ferrari. THIS FERRARI CAN ACTUALLY BE A DAILY DRIVER!

Nonetheless, the Ferrari FF is an amazing car. It looks absolutely beautiful when you start looking at each and every corner of the car.

THEN, I saw the PUR bodykit and wheels on the car… and now I have to take back everything I said about the car looking like a Civic! I love the kit and wheels on the car. It’s subtle enough but makes the car look absolutely beast!

PUR LX13.V3 | 21×9 | 22×12 | Gloss Brilliant Silver Face | Polished Steplip | Monaco Gold Hardware

PUR Aero Carbon Fiber Front Lip
PUR Aero Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
PUR Aero Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Brought to you by: PUR | SR Auto Group