I’m not a huge fan of yellow cars, but no matter what color the Ferrari F430 comes in… I’ll take one!

Carrying over much of its extruded aluminum space frame, suspension, interior layout, and longitudinal V-8 configuration, the F430 isn’t considered a replacement for the 360 Modena so much as an evolution of it. Inside Ferrari, the 360 was called the F131, and the company ladled out about 10,000 servings. Although 70 percent of the parts are new and the price increase should be about $9500, to $167,000 with gas-guzzler tax, the F430 is called the F131 Evoluzione or, more simply, “the Evo” by Ferrari’s engineers.

ADV.1 ADV5.01 CS in MV1 configuration (1-piece forged):
Front: 20×9 – 18.8 lbs
Rear: 20×12 – 21.4 lbs

Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires:
Front: 245/30/20
Rear: 325/25/20

Brought to you by: Ronnie Renaldi | ADV.1