Owner: J.J. Dubec | Photographer: Marcel Lech

There has been quite a number of amazing vehicles coming from Vancouver that are getting world-wide attention on the Internet. Being bred in the supercar capital of North America, Dr. J.J. Dubec’s two queens have took over the Internet since their debut at SEMA 2014 – 2015.

J.J.’s Liberty Walk Nissan R35 GTR took the world by storm in 2014. Both J.J. and his very unique GTR got world-wide recognition in the automotive tuning scene with numerous features on renowned websites, videos, magazines, forums, and especially on Instagram. Simply type Liberty Walk GTR in Google or #gtr on Instagram and the car will definitely show up in the search results.

J.J.’s GTR received only the best parts on the market including parts from his sponsors AirRex air suspension and management system, Armytrix Exhaust, and Skyforged Wheels. What made the GTR straight up look ridiculous (hate it or love it, it’ll still break your neck) is the Liberty Walk body kit that fits overfenders on the four corners, an aggressive front bumper and a rear spoiler larger than most airplane wings!

After J.J.’s first visit to SEMA 2014 with his GTR, he decided to put his new project together for the SEMA 2015 show. His plan blew minds all over the world when he finally stopped teasing everyone on the Internet and announced the Ferrari 458 build. He was dedicated to create another piece of artwork with the new build. With his relationship with the team at Liberty Walk and Mr. Wataru Kato, and his love for their over the top styling; he was inspired him to also get the Liberty Walk body kit on his 458.


With an extraordinary execution on both vehicles, J.J. has always been very thankful for everyone who has helped him with the projects. J.J. is a superstar in the modified car scene. He shows to the world how thankful and how appreciative he is with everyone who has helped him with both his amazing builds by showing them nothing but love on social media. Even when we share photos of his cars, he will let us know right away he’s watching by leaving us a message. This is why we wanted an inside scoop on a little more personal side of his life with modified cars. We think that J.J. is creating a movement with his positive attitude and friendliness to everyone in the scene. We kind of wish that everyone could do what he does and just appreciate each others’ love for cars and less on putting a standard on what looks good and what looks bad. The car scene should be filled with people who can appreciate all kind of cars and leaving out the BS somewhere else. We should all be having fun!

There are some big plans for J.J. for 2016! He has a couple NSX’s on order! We are excited to see what he has for us this year!

We know for sure that his NSX will blow away all car enthusiasts, and fans can’t wait to see the final product. We did this drawing in early 2015. J.J.’s NSX will look absolutely amazing in the end!

Check out our interview with J.J below.


1. General Information
J.J. Dubec – Vancouver, Canada | Instagram: DOCZILLA12

2. When did you first get into the car scene?
I first got into the car scene in the spring of 2014. I brought my car to a local Thursday Night Meet.

3. Why did you choose this particular year/model car? What inspired your build?
I purchased my 458 (2013) and my GTR brand new (2013). I chose the particular models for different reasons; the GTR I selected as it was the DBA chassis model that enjoyed a horsepower increase and some nicer upgrades on an already versatile foundation for modding. The Ferrari was selected as I had always dreamed of owning a Ferrari coupe with the traditional Daytona seats. The selection of factory interior upgrades is amazing. I knew I wanted a really great factory interior full of factory carbon fiber. The exterior I knew mattered little as I had already envisioned doing a LibertyWalk widebody kit on it since day one.

4. How many years have you been building the car?
The GTR is now entering its 3rd year of modding/building. The 458 has only seen its first modifications about 6 months ago.

5. What was the hardest obstacle you came across while building the car?
The hardest obstacle during the builds that I came across personally was organizing my time and balancing home life with my job and still devoting adequate time to keep the projects moving forward at an appreciable pace.

6. We see more and more automotive enthusiasts choose either air ride or static… what made you decide to stick with air/coilovers?
Choosing to employ air ride on both projects was a tough choice. I was unsure how the performance of the cars would be affected. I was unsure if the ride would be too soft. I took a hence and was pleasantly surprised how the performance levels were maintained and right on point. The old visions of a bouncy, cushy low rider ride were quickly quashed! Now I cannot survive without my air ride, I’m so used to the on-demand adjustability of height. Speed bumps and steep driveways are not an issue for me any longer.

7. What are your future plans for this car? Or new car?
For the GTR I’m doing a whole revamp. Going for a more aggressive street tuner look, less showcar…more grit. The 458 will see some audio and camera upgrades. No engine mods as I do not wish to disturb the beautiful naturally aspirated sounds of an 8 cylinder Ferrari.

I have a couple 2017 NSX’s on order, and I have plans to acquire a Huracan Spyder and intentions to do LibertyWalk widebody conversions on the Lambo and one of the NSX’s.

8. Awards/trophies?
After a season and a half of various shows and meets, the two cars in combination have netted over 50 trophies. Show organizers and attendees have been very kind and generous to my builds. We keep all the trophies inside a bedroom in our home that we cannot even physically walk into.

9. J.J.’s Instagram Shout Outs
Many thanks to my amazing sponsors and a huge shoutout to them and so many others that constantly post pics of my rides and show the love.
Widebody by LibertyWalk @libertywalkkato
Stance by Serial Nine @serialnine
Body&Paint by PhantasyKolors @phantasykolors @BASFRefinish
Exhaust by Armytrix @thearmytrix
Suspension by AirREX @airrexUSA
Illumination by Valenti Japan #ValentiJapan
Wheels by @Sky_Forged @SkyForgedUSA
Positive vibes by @808alldaybrand
Audio by @SimplicityInSound and recently @IntegrityConcepts

Much love to @Auto_AF for undying support.
@KSTLMotorsport flexing skills on the daily! Better and better each day!


Mod List

GTR Modification List:
– 2013 GTR (R35 DBA Chassis)
– Liberty Walk Performance full body kit front and rear bumpers, overfenders, and swan-neck rear spoiler. (Japan)
– Ecutek engine management with Flex Fuel setup and custom mapping and dyno tune by John Visconti.
– SkyForged Wheels 20-inch reverse lip, 3 piece, ultra deep concave rims with custom offset and custom color. 20×12.5et-25front , 20×13.5 et-72rear
– Michelin Pilot Super Sports 285front 335rear
– RacingGreed full titanium with neo-chrome coated lugs
-Custom PhantasyKolors Blue Brembo brake calipers (front and rear)
– Endless NX72 brake pads (front and rear)
– Armytrix F1 Full Supreme Valvetronic Exhaust system (downpipes, Y-pipe, midpipe, and titanium exhaust)
– AirRex Digital Air Suspension system with custom install (SerialNine)
– Race Core Front Mounted Intercooler (22x10x4)
– ASNU 1100cc injectors
– DeatschWerks DW 65C fuel pumps
– Password JDM carbon fiber engine manifold cover
– Password JDM carbon fiber engine battery cover
– Password JDM carbon fiber radiator trim panel
– Password JDM carbon fiber rear exhaust finishers
– Greddy carbon fiber hood dampers
– HKS SSQV4 blowoff valves
– GotBoost 3″ polished intakes and filter kit
– Type1Racing polished intercooler
– Forged polished res tank
– Type1Racing filler caps
– Type1Racing blue mirror kit and side view mirrors
– CarKit bypass module and front/rear camera and power mirror module
– Valenti Jewel LED Taillights and Thunderbolt Front Lights
– PhantasyKolors F7LTHY Shades of Gray Custom Paint using BASF R-M paint
– Mosconi Zero Four amplifier
– Mosconi Zero Three (x2) amplifiers
– Mosconi 6to8 Digital Signal Processor
– Focal XXXL sound deadening products and blackhole acoustic tiles
– XS Power AGM and Stinger power supply/wiring products
– Pioneer P99RS source unit
– MacBook Air (streaming of 24 bit/96 kHz and up) source unit
– iPad Air2 x2 trunk lid mounted units as controller and aux display
– Gladen Aerospace 3 way front stage
– Gladen 10″ Zero Pro subwoofers (x2)
– Compustar with Drone GPS alarm
– Custom audio installation by Simplicity in Sound (San Jose, CA) and IntegrityConcepts (Seattle, WA)
– Custom widebody integration by Serial Nine (Vancouver, BC)

Ferrari 458 (2013) Mod List:
– custom widebody integration and custom matte BASF R-M paint by PhantasyKolors
– LibertyWalk full kit for 458 (including full bumper replacement- most ppl don’t buy) and complete CarbonFiber options: full wing, Side diffusers, rear diffuser, front lip, full carbon interior.
– Daytona Nero leather seats with silver contrast stitching.
– Armytrix Valvetronic F1 Full Titanium exhaust
– AirREX Digital Air Ride Suspension System
– VIAIR compressors and seamless tank system
– SkyForged Performance Wheels 20-inch reverse lip, 3 piece, ultra deep concave rims with custom offset and 3 custom colors. (PUR Wheels shown in photos)
– Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires 245front 295rear

Note** Mod list provided shows J.J.’s current set up for both vehicles. The images in this post may not be showing all the mods in this list.

High-Res Gallery (note** Images may not reflect on all the parts in the mod list)

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