MPPSOCIETY DMC Lamborghini Huracan 03

DMC strikes back with an aggressive bodykit.
The German tuner came back with a revised and updated aero-kit for the baby-Lambo, which makes the thing look madder than ever. Mind you the Huracan’s edgy design made it seem like an enraged bull charging for a matador’s muleta to begin with, but DMC’s aggressive Stage 3 body-kit takes the wild animal from the bullring straight on to the track.

That’s because all the new race-inspired appendages are not only for show, but aid the car’s aerodynamics (even though it’s safe to assume these kind of cars won’t see track action anytime soon). That said, the package is the latest and hardest iteration of DMC’s aero-kit for the Huracan, although it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The tuner didn’t specified any engine modifications, but instead focused exclusively and extensively on the car’s aerodynamics, offering a handling upgrade through the plethora of carbon-fiber accessories. The Stage 3 kit comes with the best parts from Stage 1 and 2, including the rear wing that can be adjusted to 3 angle settings: Choose City Cruising, GT Track day, or Fun Mode. Each mode was individually wind tunnel and CFD tested and the entire thing comes with a 10 page PDF document full of physical data, technical specs and wind flow analysis. Again, this is for the rear spoiler only, although a tangible document would be much nicer just to make the whole thing more… official.

Oh, and here’s a top tip for future DMC Huracan Stage 3 buyers: If you want to keep your friends, don’t brag about the wing data available in the document, otherwise you’ll bore them to death.

The wing comes with a base deck under it so its installation would go smoothly – in less than 30 minutes – cancelling the necessity of drilling holes through the car’s bodywork in order to fit it. Moreover, it has side skirts which add downforce and a rear diffuser that supports road stability. But the real treat – according to DMC – is the carbon fiber full front lip with added side flaps which mimics the aggressive LP720 Anniversario look.

Visually, the package resembles the Vorsteiner-tuned Huracan that we featured not so long ago, but it comes with a set of awesome wheels which… kind of look stock, but DMC says they are the widest sets in the market so far with a 8,5Jx20 setup in the front and a 12Jx21 in the back.

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