When the FR-S debuted back in 2013, I thought it was great that Toyota/Scion is willing to produce an entry level sports car into the market while everyone else was producing sports cars with more power and larger engines. With only 200hp and 151 LB.-FT of torque, the FR-S did not have the specs to compete with other sports cars in the market with an average of 300hp. What the FR-S did have is a great engine and a lot of potential. When Bulletproof Automotive got their hands on one for their FR-S, they proved that the little sports car is capable to play with others too.


The Bulletproof Automotive FR-S Concept One. Here was an affordable, entry-level, tuned sports car built to challenge some of the most accomplished supercars in the world, and shipped all the way to Japan from the US to see if it could do just that. Bulletproof teamed up with Maiham Media to chronicle the Scion’s road to success and its outing at Tsukuba Circuit. Hit play and prepare for a few very entertaining minutes…

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