The stock GTR comes fat and bulky straight out of the factory. Who would’ve thought that people wanted to make them even wider. The Ben Sopra GTR is packed with goodies not only on the outside but it packs A LOT of goodies on the inside as well to accommodate it’s upgraded aggressive exterior.

The Ben Sopra GTR also had a short cameo at the end of Fast 6 back at the Toretto house 1327. With other wide body GTR’s out there like the LB Performance GTR, I think the Ben Sopra has much harder lines and much more aggressive. I think this one is a like it or hate it kind of body kit.

Brought to you by: Ben Sopra


Cobb Tuning
5 Ziegen GT-R 3.5″ Y-Pipe
5 Ziegen Downpipes
Greddy Type 29R Crossflow Intercooler
Greddy RX Intake Manifold Plenum
Greddy RX Intake Manifold Spl Piping
Greddy Air Intake
Dry Carbon Radiator Diversion Panel
AMS Coolant Tank
Koyo Radiator

Illest x Bride ZEIG III Typer-R / Super Aramide Bride seat
GTR Roll Bar
Cobb Tuning Access Port
Takata Harness

BenSopra GTR GT Body
BenSopra GT Wing
Lightwurkz HID lighting
Full respray of entire car.

Suspension / Wheels / Tires
KW Club Sport Coilovers
Work Gnosis GS4 (20×10.5, 20×12.5)
Falken 453K Tires
FRONT – 275/30RZ20 & REAR – 285/30/RZ20