What do you think about when you hear someone say “ASTON MARTIN?” I immediately think about James Bond or 007 and all the gadgets inside each of his Aston Martins. It is true that it is filled with gadgets in real life. The different is that it is not packed with guns, firepower, or oil slicks; but it is always packed with class, sophistication, luxury, the best leather and the best lifestyle. If Aston is to make a supercar to play with its’ competition in the mid-engine class, then it will be quite an interesting battle. If the Aston Martin DBC is to be produced, I hope that it will not only beat others in the category for speed and performance but also win in its painful obsession for luxury and class!

Brought to you by: Aston Martin

Aston Martin‘s portfolio of vehicles has and probably always will be about class, sophistication and luxury. An engine in the front, drive in the rear, and an interior stocked top to bottom with high-quality materials. Thus, an in-your-face, mid-engine supercar may very well leave Aston Martin engineers scoffing at the notion.

But why shouldn’t Aston build a bonafide mid-engine halo car to compete with the likes of McLaren, Ferrari, and a few others? Especially when it looks as dapper as this.

From the mind of designer Samir Sadikhov (the same artist responsible for the Ferrari Xezri), the DBC concept comes with a signature set of Aston Martin lines, albeit with a few minor modifications. The front end gets a sleek new makeover, the back end follows suit, and the whole thing is pulled together seamlessly on a frame that sits what seems like centimeters off the ground.

As with most design studies, Samir didn’t conceptualize a drivetrain, but we wouldn’t expect anything less than to see a beautiful Aston Martin V12 mounted right in the center, putting out somewhere in the market of 800 horsepower (…hey, we can speculate).