The BMW M4 is arguably one of the most enticing sports coupe you can buy nowadays, but Munich seems determined to take its new compact up a notch. The Germans are doing so by reviving the GTS nameplate, which was introduced on the 2010 model year M3 Coupe. Only 250 units were built that year, and the entire series sold like hotcakes. Although BMW has yet to confirm the return of the GTS with the M4 Coupe, testing is already underway, albeit with a prototype disguised as a MotoGP Safety Car.

First tested on German streets back in September 2014, the M4 GTS was again spotted by the automotive paparazzi, this time while being put through its paces on the Nurburgring . BMW is still pretending the beefed-up coupe is a safety car, but we’re not buying its trickery, especially with so many aerodynamic features attached to the M4’s body. The pronounced splitter, The fixed rear wing and the Recaro seats are strong indications this M4 is more than just a vehicle designed to set a pace during yellow flags. More importantly, it’s being tested at speeds that exceed the velocity of regular pace cars.

A pace car’s purpose is to lead a pack of race cars at speed that don’t exceed 60 mph, but this M4 has a different mission. A mission to become a fast and skillful track car, a feat BMW last offered in 2010 with the initial GTS. Details are obviously being kept under wraps as of October 2014, but stay tuned to TopSpeed for more info by the end of the year. Meanwhile, watch the M4 GTS take some fast turns on the “Green Hell”.

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BMW M4 GTS Spy Photos